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Authors: Balsan, Rosane (Org.)
Nascimento, Núbia Nogueira do (Org.)
Oliveira, Mariela Cristina Ayres de (Org.)
Title: Identities of tourism in the Tocantins
Keywords: Geografia; Turismo
Issue Date: 24-Dec-2020
Citation: BALSAN, Rosane; NASCIMENTO, Núbia Nogueira do; OLIVEIRA, Mariela Cristina Ayres de (org.). Identidades do turismo no Tocantins. Palmas: Eduft, 2020. 137 p.
metadata.dc.description.resumo: Identities of Tourism in Tocantins, organized by Rosane Balsan, Núbia Nogueira do Nascimento and Mariela Cristina Ayres de Oliveira, presents research results and academic per- formances which help to illustrate and decode an important portion of Tocantins’ natural and cultural heritage. It is possible for the reader, in addition to understanding potential or current tourist processes, to also get to know landscapes, to get to know religious rites and manifesta- tions, to understand the ecological formation and to learn about the regional history of Tocantins. The work is a product of collaboration between 22 scholars and academics at various stages of their professional and life trajectories, which, in itself, would be an exemplary contri- bution of this book. These generational meetings are manifested in the form of partnerships and mutual learning between undergraduate, graduate students and the more experienced professors, with varied disciplinary origins. And it could not be otherwise, since tourism, as a complex social practice, needs to be scrutinized and thought about from various perspectives. As said by José Saramago, “to know things, you have to turn them around. Turn them all the way around”.
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