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Authors: Silva, Warley Gramacho da (Org.)
Silva, Edeilson Milhomem da (Org.)
Medeiros, Miguel Araújo (Org.)
Title: Innovation: general overview and challenges
Keywords: Inovação; Tecnologias
Issue Date: 24-Dec-2020
Citation: SILVA, Warley Gramacho da; SILVA, Edeilson Milhomem da; MEDEIROS, Miguel Araújo (org.). Innovation: general overview and challenges. Palmas: Eduft, 2020. 82 p
metadata.dc.description.resumo: Dear reader, it is with great satisfaction that we present this collection entitled Innovation: general aspects and challenges; As can it be seen, the matter of innovation coexists with the inherent necessity for improvement; that is, there is no way to think about innovation without taking into account what already exists or has already been built. Innovating is a denial of what already exists, it is rather the addition of new elements for something to become transformative; in other words, it is about presenting more functionality in the face of new demands due to the dynamics of things.
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